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VACATION RENTAL MARKETING TALK Vacation rental marketing From Vacation rental has next to nothing to do with Location, Location, Location any more. With online bookings dominating the market, it’s all about Presentation, Presentation, Presentation. Vacation Rental Marketing is all about image, your online image. The more time and effort that you put into making and taking photographs of of what you (and the surrounding area) have to offer the more bookings you will receive. That`s a fact. Long gone are the days when a few hastily taken snaps would attract bookings. With higher and higher access speeds it is now possible to show larger, faster loading, pictures and with lots more memory available it’s also possible to show more of them. In order to maximise bookings, in what has become a huge and intensely competetive market, savvey owners are improving and expanding their online image. Those that have 15 or less images showing their property and its surroundings are losing ground in this graphic information war. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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