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Vacation Rental Owners Talk – Want More Bookings? Step One

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VACATION RENTAL MARKETING TALK Vacation rental marketing From **Vacation rental marketing – Crime scene investigation** OK. So it may not be a crime, but many owners do not do justice to their holiday property because they show poor quality images in the vacation rental listings. This is the biggest mistake nearly all owners make Rentmoreweeks have put together a FREE guide that examines the six most common errors owner renters make when marketing their holiday property online. The easy to follow, pictorial guide highlights 6 of the main areas that owners overlook when taking and uploading images for marketing their holiday property. Better photo’s sell more weeks. This guide shows, pictorially, how easy it is to make mistakes when taking and choosing photographs of your holiday home. It does this in order to get you thinking about your own online image and how that image could be improved. Better photo’s sell more weeks This unique, full colour, pictorial, 19 page guide is free to vacation rental owners Here is an example page to give you an idea of what to expect Vacation rental marketing

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