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Vacation Rental Marketing Bullshit – Sorry But Now I’m Angry

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VACATION RENTAL MARKETING TALK I saw this on vacationrentalmarketingblog The article is as follows; Go Green Travel Network Resource Posted on November 11, 2011 by Matt in Blog Ever wished you could jump on the eco or green travel wave of trends without buying expensive solar panels to power your vacation rental’s jacuzzi bath tubs? Well now’s your chance: The Green Travel Group of Yahoo! is a moderately influential list-serve of industry experts, hotel/vacation rental owners, travellers, and journalists: all people who value green travel under one nice cyber roof. You can join the list on behalf of your rental here (and it’s free). My report often talks about aligning your property with different travel niches, many of which are free of charge. This Yahoo Green Travel Group is a great example: spend one slow afternoon coming up with changes to your property that could make you “green” — for example, little signs on the doors reminding guests to turn off lights and a/c or heat — and then submit your property link amongst the ranks. Not only do little changes like this help the planet AND save you some money on your energy bill, they also grant you access to a very loyal and robust green travel segment. That’s the article in full. I just want to say that by sticking up one or two “please turn off the lights” signs, really does not make you into any sort of “green” or turn you into an eco warrior (of course every little helps) but, in fact by adding yourself to any sort of green list after doing so just dilutes the real eco tourism rentals out there. Some owners are making a real effort in this direction and should be congratulated for doing so. I fully support any move toward green tourism, I live on a boat and rely 100 percent on solar energy. If there are two consecutive days of cloud and rain then I can’t even use the computer, but I’ve learnt to get used to that (it doesn’t stop me swearing and moaning like hell but there is nothing I can do about it). If you want to jump on this “bandwagon”, and even if you don’t, you should, then by all means put up some signs, but also reinvest some of your profits on solar water heating, maybe build a composter and educate guests how to use it. Then by all means shout from the rooftops that you are greener than your competitors, put your property on green lists and mention these things in the description of your vacation rental. You would deserve the extra kudos. Don’t cheat. Put in the effort, our planet needs your help more than you need the extra bookings and ultimately clients will only complain if they booked an eco friendly property only to find “please turn off the lights” signs. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE We hope that you found this article thought provoking, if nothing else. Maybe it will inspire you to do something green, and that will be a bonus for all of us.. If you did you may like to follow us at one of the places below, yours, Follow our footsteps on Twitter Follow our footsteps on Facebook Follow our footsteps on our website

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