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VACATION RENTAL MARKETING TALK I read this on and thought I would share it with you all. Nothing like putting the cat amongst the pidgeons eh. will challenge industry giant will challenge industry giant by offering free ads to owners, more visibility for properties, and refined search options. Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) December 31, 2011 challenges vacation rentals giant and their subsidiaries and in the United States vacation rentals market by offering home owners better options for their vacation rentals ads. As pricing packages continue to rise with other vacation rental sites, will offer free ads to home owners, along with better visibility for their ads, better search options for consumers and the option of SMS text notification for property owners for rental inquiries. For the full story see here [vacation-rental-website-challenges-industry-giant-homeaway-com-080508074](… I hope that you found this article useful.  If you did you may like to follow at one of the places below, yours,  Follow our footsteps on Twitter Follow our footsteps on Facebook

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