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Fantastic video from Ted.. The trouble is in my industry (holiday rentals) is that Homeaway (.com) and the like have bought just about every ice cream stand on the planet and placed them all over the beach so there's no room for anyone to put a towel down. People are going to stop going to the beach.Luckily enough the tidal wave called semantic search is clearing out ice cream stalls to make room for my friends.

Original Post from David Amerland:

Socially Optimal Solution Much?

Start the day with some Game Theory and in just four minutes understand why a Mall presence makes total sense in a competitive market from a business point of view even if consumers are disadvantaged in terms of travel. This also helps explain the clustering effect that takes place with cafes and Fast Food shops. It's a classic example of what happens when social planning does not take place. Because we can see all this now, and understand the basic principles that guide them we are also in a position to begin thinking (and acting) differently. Have a great Tuesday. 

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