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WOW – We've just been added to +Billy Funk's circle of awesomeness. A sort of G+ VIP circle <blushing>. So readers, how about a plus, a share or a comment? What is round, goes round, comes round? #sharingsunday  

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Extreme Wheel – Circle of Awesomeness +Extreme Billy 
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Happy New Year – From Billy Funk

If you want to gain more followers and increase activity in your stream, taking part in shared circles is one of the best and fastest ways to do that. 

This is a shared public circle of a combination of active engagers, circle sharers and some of +Extreme Billy and my ( +Billy Funk ) favorite people on Google+.  The People in this Circle Make Google Plus More Awesome!!   

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Beginner to Google Plus? This'll help:

Need an Authorship Guide? Scott put that together too:


**************EXTRA CREDIT*****************  
Subcribe to my YouTube Channel full of Motivational Videos to be added to my Extreme AllSTARS Circle Share that's Coming Soon:

Here's some of the latest Mindset Motivation and Marketing Tips & Tricks that I've either put together or helped put together:

Mindset Your Marketing Tips & Tricks: http:// Mindset Your Marketing | 12/16/13 | Eliminate Your Hesitate

Minute Mindset Motivation #17: Mindset Motivation – #17 – Stay Focused on the Present Moment

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Extreme Wheel Circles Sharing Community:


My Pages:
The Extreme Wheel Page: +The Extreme Wheel 
Mindset Your Marketing: +Mindset Your Marketing 
Billy Funk's Sharing: +Billy Funk's Sharing 
Plus Mastermind : +Plus Mastermind 

If I forgot to add you… doesn't mean I don't like you…. I just forgot to add you 🙂   

Thanks everyone! Make it an Awesome Week! 🙂

+Billy Funk  aka (The +Extreme Networker)

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