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Oh wowThe lovely +Paula Teshima has included us in her "awesome" circle. Thank you so much.If you want to engage with more Plus people then share, comment, plus this circle and add these people to your circles. 

Original Post from Paula Teshima:

Updated: January 17, 2014 

This is a shared circle of people that have most been plussing, commenting and resharing on my personal profile posts during the last week. It is also included the most TOP INFLUENCERS: SEO, Social Marketing, bloggers, photographers, fashion addicted, social media addicted, musicians, architects, poets…

They are all Awesome People, and without a doubt, if you add them, you will have an even better Google Plus experience as they add you to their circles, plus, share and comment on your posts.

If you would like to be included on my next circle, just follow these simple steps:

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*Please make sure you plus, reshare and comment on the Original Post  or else I won't notice it 😦

If you received this notification, you are included in this Awesome Circle!
If you should be in this circle and I forgot to add you by mistake – I´m sorry – please let me know and it will be corrected on the next share.
If you didn´t like to be included in this circle and you would like to be removed, please send me a message on this post and I won't share your profile anymore.
Beginner to Google Plus? This will help:
Want to discover more Awesome Google Plus Shared Circles? Here it is: +Awesome Circles

Special Thanks:

Silvio De Rossi   +Silvio De Rossi
Mike Hubbard   +Mike Hubbard
Steve Yamaguchi   +Steve Yamaguchi
Ray Bayless   +Ray Bayless
Hashir Jamal   +Hashir Jamal
Edna Guatno   +Edna Guatno
Ludovic Moreeuw   +Ludovic Moreeuw
Kathi Bennett   +Kathi Bennett
Vladimir Samsonov   +Vladimir Samsonov
Altered DNA   +Altered DNA
Tom Martin   +Tom Martin
Jacques Dion   +Jacques Dion
Renuka Ranil   +Renuka Ranil
Kenny Boykin   +Kenny Boykin
Denyse Landry   +Denyse Landry
Georg Srama Sharing   +Georg Srama Sharing
Jennifer Roche   +Jennifer Roche
Kitten KaboodleInc   +Kitten KaboodleInc
Karen Cokenour   +Karen Cokenour
Phillip Morales   +Phillip Morales
Jan Schellenberger   +Jan Schellenberger
Mario Falcetti   +Mario Falcetti
Bret Niemuth   +Bret Niemuth
Yuli Bok   +Yuli Bok
YaBoy Spartan   +YaBoy Spartan
Kolbjørn Stjern   +Kolbjørn Stjern
Syed Aqib Hussain   +Syed Aqib Hussain
Jorge Ramos   +Jorge Ramos
Dominique Keller   +Dominique Keller
Tomoko Taneichi   +Tomoko Taneichi
Tancredi Matranga   +Tancredi Matranga
Rhonda Dehnbostel   +Rhonda Dehnbostel
David Oldenburg   +David Oldenburg
Renato Silva Abranches   +Renato Silva Abranches
Mark Orvik   +Mark Orvik
Auth Icle   +Auth Icle
C' Fonville   +C' Fonville
Masood Imran   +Masood Imran
Ata Ner   +Ata Ner
Carl Witmer   +Carl Witmer
Ady Flores   +Ady Flores
Philo Yan   +Philo Yan
Konrad Fleidl   +Konrad Fleidl
Cristina De R.Costa   +Cristina De R.Costa
Tyler Casper   +Tyler Casper
Steven Krohn   +Steven Krohn
Tully Kalile   +Tully Kalile
Cesare Riccardo   +Cesare Riccardo
Upkar Singh   +Upkar Singh
Jason Levy   +Jason Levy
Raffaele Romeo Arena   +Raffaele Romeo Arena
Carlos Esteban   +Carlos Esteban

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Thank you and have an Awesome Day!!!

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